How to keep driving safe at night?

When we were driving at night, we were most worried about not seeing the road ahead.

Therefore, careful selection of car lights is a very important thing, pay attention to the following points:

  1. Brightness
The brightness determines how safe you are when you see the road ahead.
  1. Distance
The illuminating distance of the low beam of most car lights is about 30-40 meters, and the illuminating distance of the high beam is about 100 meters. If the exposure distance is too close, the distance you can see at night when driving is also close, which is not conducive to driving safety.
  1. Breadth
When driving, the left and right sides are also the focus of attention.
  1. Durability
Long use time can reduce replacement time and money.
  1. No glare
The light is diffusive, so the quality of the tangent of the car light line will cause the driving safety of the previous car and will also affect its own safety.

Avoid accidents and go home with a safe mood!
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